Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Never Close Enough by Anie Michaels

The last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, a protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds her attraction to Porter potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future together, Ella struggles to open her heart to trust again. 
Porter Masters takes care of his own: his single mother, his company, and now he’s compelled to protect the beauty that walked into his world. Never one for relationships in his past, Porter discovers that he was waiting all along for Ella. As their time together comes to an end, will Porter fight for the woman who stole his heart? Porter will find a way to keep her, despite the obstacles.
For mature readers only, strong sexual content.

My Review
I was floored that this is Anie Michaels first book, she did an outstanding job. It was absolutely amazing. I couldn't put it down, I intended to stretch it out a bit and I even emailed her to let her know that I was going to try to drag it out as long as I could because it was so good and I'm a quick reader, I didn't want this to end. But I found myself not even being able to put my kindle down. Now this is how a Cliff Hanger should be done! If you're going to go out, then go out with a bang. It definitely left me wanting more!!! Here is a little summary of the book, I'm going to try not to give out any spoilers because this is a definite must have. If you haven't read this yet, go buy it now. 

It starts out with Ella coming home early and finding Kyle (her boyfriend) in bed with another woman. But that's not even the kicker, the day she finds him playing yoga-twister in the sheets with some woman is her birthday!!! I was already mad enough for Ella myself. I connected with this character so much. I fell in love with her. Anyway, so she she packs some bags and heads to the beach house she had rented earlier for her and Kyle to spend a week at for her birthday. Of course, Kyle isn't invited. The rental is on a beautiful beach in Lincoln City, and the author is amazing at details so you really feel like you can see everything that Ella sees. She figured she would go away for the week, get her head straight and call Kyle sometime while she's there to talk things over since she refused to confront the situation the same day. It's raining super bad on her way and she sees an exit so she pulls over at a local bar to wait out the rain, she needed a drink anyway after the days she's had. Come on, wouldn't you? The bartender Tilly is super sweet and has a chat with Ella and gives her a free birthday drink on the house. Well while their talking about Ella's bad day, in walks Mr. Sexy!!! I say Mr. Sexy because every romance needs one and let me tell you, Porter Masters is Mr. Super Hot and Sexy!! He's also Tilly's son. They are quickly introduced by Tilly, she has this agenda that she's determined to find Porter a serious woman soon, she would like to see him settle down and have grand kids one days. Ella leaves and low and behold her car won't start. This poor girl just hasn't had luck on her side today. After finding out that a tow truck and cab are a no go, Tilly offers up Porter to give her a ride home. It's only 10 miles and it's the least he could do. I really enjoyed how the story switches P.O.V's, you can know what their both thinking and feeling. Porter is instantly attracted to Ella but he's never really been the settling down type of guy. He wants to eventually of course but not with his mom choosing his dates trying to play match maker. He finds himself quick to be protective of Ella, which he thinks is unusual. Ella quickly finds herself attracted right back to Porter. She finds Porter on her doorstep the next morning wanting to at least drive her back to the bar and jump her car off for her. He hates the thought of her being stranded with no where to go. She reluctantly answers a call from Kyle while Porter is jumping her car and they have a conversation but end up breaking up. Porter has overheard the whole thing. They agree to meet up for drinks that night at the bar to just hang out. Ella has serious issues about the fact that she should be so much more upset about just ending a four year long relationship with Kyle then be out having fun with this sexy handsome Porter Masters. The go on a date the next day. They really get into each other after that. The really do fall in love. Their relationship is so sweet and you really feel that leap of faith to find the right thing. Also I feel like Love at first sight kind of tied in with this story. So the only problem is that Ella has to go back home, she has a life and family there. Her and Porter vow that they will stay together. Can the long distance relationship survive? Are they going to make it? I will tell you that it is a Cliffhanger. Do I like Cliffhangers? No, we all know that about me...however, if you're going to do a it right. And that is exactly what Anie Michaels did with this book. It went out with a bang. I will definitely be purchasing the next book. This one kept me on the edge of my seat. I had to find out what was going to happen next. So what I suggest you do is go buy it go 1-Click this amazing story and read!!! I promise you won't regret it. 
I gave this book 5 Super Bright Stars. It had a little mystery/suspense going on. Great characters that were easy to fall in love with and did I mention STEAMY HOT SEX SCENES!!! All things we romance fanatics love!!! So what are you waiting for...Oh the link of course. Go buy it NOW!!! ;) 

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I was given this book as a gift in return for my honest review! All opinions expressed here are my own! 

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