Friday, February 21, 2014

Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

It's the interview like no other.
It's the interview of a lifetime.
It's THE Interview with a Master.
When Jonah Noble reveals details of his life within the world of BDSM, the tale he tells is itensely erotic, profoundly sensual, and brutally honest.
This is His world. His way.
There is only one question the man will not answer...
(BDSM erotica from a man's POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language.)

My Review
This book is amazing! It grabs you from the first few lines. I've read books before that have grabbed me from the first few chapters, but never the first few lines. There is a lot of hype going on right now about this book as well. It's a great read and part of me thinks that half of the hype is because of how good the book is and the other half of me thinks it's because of how mysterious the Author is being. I'm a big BDSM fan. I love to read the erotica stories about it. I've even done the real research as well and Jason Luke really knows his stuff.   Jonah Noble knows so much about women. More than most women know about themselves. He draws you in while he's telling you his story. The title of the book says it all. He's giving an interview to a reporter, Leticia, and he's has her under his spell as well. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Wondering what he's going to say next. Jonah has so many different sides to him. He has the sweet, tender and caring side. Of course the Master side and even a Bastard side. He tells her a story of past experiences with three different women, Claire, Sherry and Caroline. I loved hearing about them, they were so interesting and more. He was erotic about it and definitely didn't hold his tongue. You can feel the chemistry between him and Leticia and at a few moments the sexual tension is palpable. I liked Leticia's character, I connected with her. I really enjoyed reading the male P.O.V written by a Man. I will say that this book threw me for a loop with the ending. So much so, that I wanted to throw my Kindle. ;) But I didn't. I just had to pray that Mr. Luke (Pen Name) would write another story about Jonah and Leticia. Which I hear that he is going to. Go buy this book, it's fantastic, you won't regret it. 
Jason Luke is right up there with Maya Banks and Shayla Black in the BDSM-Erotica-Story world to me now. He is going to be a go to Author for me.  I give this book 5 Stars and say it was great. Like I said, go one click! You won't regret it. You can thank me later and you can also go to Jason Luke's Facebook Page and give him a LIKE! Job well done Mr. Luke.

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