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Not Leaving (Parker Siblings) Book 2 by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Addison Parker has loved one boy all her life, Tyler James. She met him the first day of school after moving to Tennessee to live with her grandparents. Through death, raising her younger siblings, betrayal, and heartbreak, he has been there. She has forgiven him for many things, but this time when he leaves, she decides he is not her future anymore. 

Tyler James loves Addison Parker. He has made mistakes, but his love is always constant. He wants to be with her, but through lies and misunderstandings it doesn’t seem possible anymore. When a single moment changes his future, will he be able to come back and pick up the pieces of their relationship, or did he finally break all of her faith in him? 

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My Review
Well, let me just start by saying that Leigh Ann Lunsford has done it again! (Which I knew she would) First things first: Nicholas Sparks, Move Over, there's a new girl in town! I've said it before with her first book Not Enough, the personality she gives her characters is like no other book I've read. While reading this book I felt like I was a Parker Sibling myself. You get to know them so much more and you really feel what they feel. This book is about Addison and Tyler and let me tell you, O.M.G! She can be just as feisty as Brielle when she wants to be. I have loved Tyler since book 1, Not Enough, when I got a few chances to get to know him. I was so excited to find out that this book was coming out. I really connected with all the characters. I know I say that a lot but until you've picked up this book and started reading, you won't understand. Leigh Ann has a talent when it comes to writing and her characters. The personality they have is amazing. I loved LOVED loved the P.O.V she gives her characters. Being able to know what they are thinking and feeling and going through in life is awesome. 

Addison and Tyler have been together for YEARS!!! They are perfect for each other. You can imagine the shock I was in to find out they had broken up and he'd just up and left! I mean really Tyler? The book is set in the very near future and skips dates a bit but I love that about it because I can find out all the information I need and I'm not left hanging, wondering when the hell that happened, like some books do when they attempt that. If you haven't read the books then SPOILER ALERT Ahead!!!

Tyler quickly finds out that Addison has twin baby girls. He got a text from someone (Who will not be named) that the kids are his and he's the biological father. But what about what Addison had told him? Could it really be? Okay,he's got to find this out for himself so he quickly loads up and heads back to his hometown. When he confronts Addison she lets him have it for everything he is worth. I mean backed-in-a-corner-let-him-have-it! Addison is with a new man now, and claiming he's the father of the twins. HIS twins. So what happens when you have Tyler on one hand, who loves Addison so much he'd lasso the moon just to prove it to her? And Addison on the other hand, who loves Tyler with all her being but hates to even look at him? Throw in some Brielle/Colby marital arguments (we love her sassy attitude)! Add a hormonal teenager who doesn't know where he belongs or why he doesn't fit in and a creepy very dangerous person from their past and that my friend is one hell of a story! You thought I was going to give you the juicy details and all the epic scenes? Ha! That's cute. Nope! You need to go #1Click this book right away! But definitely start with Not Enough first! That in itself is an amazing book! And I would feel truly at fault if you missed out on Brielle's sassy-tude and Colby's Hot-ness! You can thank me later! And then after you read them, be sure to go add Leigh Ann Lunsford as a friend on facebook and thank her for this amazing story! 

Like I said, I've never read anything so well written. I felt every single emotion possible while reading this book as well as Not Enough. I even read some scenes to my husband, he loved them. I give this book a 10 Star Rating on a 5 Star Scale! This is a MUST READ! If you haven't already stopped reading this review and went to purchase it, Go... Now! Those Parker Siblings will be the death of us all!

I would still not know about my babies if Cambree hadn't texted me last night with a photo of them and a caption that said, "Who's your Daddy?" That girl is a hot ass mess, but I am so grateful for her. I looked at that photo and knew with everything in me that they were mine...mine and Addison's.
I drove as fast as I could to get here. Unfortunately, I happened to arrive in the middle of Riley's first  birthday, and I am sure Brielle was ready to kill me. Nothing has changed.

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