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Love Me? Book 2 of the Trust Me? Trilogy by K.E. Osborn

This book is of course, for mature readers age 18+!
In the first book of the Trust Me? Trilogy, Jeni Taylor finds the love of her life, but as the second book begins, she finds herself lost without Aiden O'Connell, who's been wrongly convicted of embezzlement charges and incarcerated. She must find the strength within to help prove he's innocent while dealing with other issues. Aiden's father, Alistair, still taunts her, making life between Jeni and Aiden more difficult, and an unexpected visitor enters their lives, creating havoc and turning it upside-down. Jeni's trust issues return in a major way after an incident leaves her fragile and broken. Aiden and Jeni find themselves going through more trials and tribulations than ever before in this second installment of the Trust Me? Trilogy. In the end, Jeni will be asked the ultimate question: Do you still love me?

My Review: 
Another great book from Author K.E. Osborn.  Of course if you read the first book Trust Me? then you know what's going on. But not to post any SPOILERS I will tell you that this book starts off right where the last one ended. Aiden is so sweet and H-O-T and Gorgeous and has all the wonderful characteristics of a great Book Boyfriend in my opinion.

Anywho, with everything going on, Jeni is just...Well she needs a good High Five...To the Face! I'm serious I wanted to slap her so many times Haha! I've heard from a couple different bloggers that they wanted to do the same. I love her, I do. But she's needs a good kick in the butt. Alistair, Aiden's (Daddy Dearest) needs to be cut. I caught myself wanting to cut a bitch while reading this. He's such a Butt Hole (for lack of a better word) I believe there is a quote in the book that describes him perfectly: Sarah talking to Jeni: "What do you mean Alistair WAS being a dick? He IS a dick, a teeny, weenie, tiny, little shrivelled limp dick, like seriously pinky-finger sized!" I laughed and laughed at that part. Leave it to Sarah to know exactly the right words to describe something. She is probably one of my favorite characters. You meet Josie in this book and I don't even want to talk about her, needless to say you will probably hate her too. I was finally very happy when Alistair was stood up to by not one but Two people in the book. Some very   C-R-A-Z-Y need to be read moments in this book, along with some Hot Sexy Sex LOL and again, some very H-O-T, S-W-E-E-T, Adorably cute, Aiden!  

The book had a few slow moments but other than that it was a very good read. I really enjoyed it along with the first one. I think K.E. Osborn is a fantastic writer. This book is a MUST READ and it's amazing. I really enjoyed it. I want to give it 5 Stars but Jeni just aggravated me lol so I've given it 4 Big Beautiful Stars!  

I was given an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. 

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