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Irreplaceable (Harmony Book 2) by Angela Graham

Warning: SPOILER ALERT!!!! If you haven't read book 1, Inevitable, then do not read any further!

Excerpt courtesy of amazon:
It wasn't his fault she lay broken and battered. He wasn't responsible for the injuries covering her bruised body.
Her heart, however, told a different story. She endured the pain of it's jagged edges as it shattered against her chest, ripping through the hope she once held. Her spirit was broken, and only one man was to blame for that.
Cassandra Clarke had known better than to trust her all to a man like Logan West. She'd thought he was different-a better man than he'd portrayed to others. A man worth risking it all for. But she was wrong, and would never make that mistake again.
What happens when you question everything you longed to believe-deny all emotions you still hold for a man unworthy of them?
Faced with Logan's persistence, Cassandra must find the strength to keep her guard up or risk falling again for the one man her body irreplaceable.
Book 2 of Cassandra and Logan's Story.

My Review:
So this book starts off right where the last one ended. SPOILER ALERT if you haven't read the first one yet...Cassandra is still in the hospital after the wreck. She's doing a lot better despite the giant gash, the doctor's had to stitch up running along her thigh. After telling Logan to get out, she pretty much figured he got the hint since she hasn't seen him in a while. She blames him even though she knows the accident wasn't his fault. The incident before the accident however, was completely his fault. Thinking she can move on from this whole ordeal, Oliver walks in to make sure she's really okay. How can she look into the eyes of this sweet four-year-old that she's come to love so much and not be upset that she wants nothing to do with his daddy? Anyway, Logan ends up coming into the room after being dragged in by sweet Oliver to ask if her puppy Scout, can stay with them until Cassie is back on her feet. Logan agrees. He also tells Cassie (once they are alone) that he's not letting her slip away from him. He's determined to do everything, and I mean everything, to win her back. 

Cassandra has changed a bit in this book compared to how she was in the first book, which is understandable. She is furious and frustrated me at times but I still love her. She is trying to do everything in her power to destroy the feelings she has for Logan, as well as trying to make herself as unavailable as possible to him. This just makes Logan try even harder to win her back. She notices that he's changed, no more picking up random women to take home, no more late night at the bars. He is so determined to get His Cassie back. The sexual tension in this book is extremely hot, you are going to need another cold glass of water while reading this story as well. What is even more romantic to me is the way you see Logan change. He shows Cassandra how he feels. He tells her over and over he's ready for "More" and you actually see him proving himself. Cassandra of course is fighting him every step of the way, until she finally cracks. 

You also meet more of Natasha (Oliver's Mother) in this book and I don't like her one bit. She just basically moves in with Logan and Oliver, which in all honesty Logan didn't have a choice in the matter if he wanted to make his son happy. But even with Natasha staying there, Logan is 100% all about Cassandra. There is one scene where Cassie needs help in the bath and let me tell you from the bath to her room, the sexual tension was palpable. I loved it. The only thing I didn't like was the very last chapter of the book, which is told in Natasha's POV, I learned something I didn't want to know. A secret so big, it could change the ties of two people forever...But if you want to know what it is, then I suggest you go buy the book! :) You will love it. 

Favorite Quote from Logan:
"I fucked up Cassandra, I hate myself for it and I can't take 
it back, but I will spend every day and every night proving I
can be the man you need me to be."

As always, Mrs. Graham delivers an impeccably written story. I fell in love with this one just as fast as I did Inevitable. It's the perfect story, with that cliff hanger ending that is so perfect, you need more. She's an amazing author. I give this book 5 Stars and nothing less. Definitely worthy of them. A great read.  

I purchased this book for my own enjoyment and the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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Inevitable (Harmony Book 1) by Angela Graham

Review courtesy of amazon: 
After experiencing a humiliating break-up, twenty-two-year-old Cassandra Clarke is fresh out of college and living a simple solitary life without any intentions of pursuing love anytime soon.
When the estate next door sales, the last thing Cassandra expects is the unnerving attraction she feels for her sinfully handsome neighbor, Logan West, the young and charming single father with a playboy reputation.
It's through Oliver, Logan's four-year-old-son, who keeps popping up in her childhood tree house, that she slowly begins to catch glimpses of the compassionate and wounded man Logan has hidden beneath his strong exterior.
Cassandra knows it wrong and that she's heading for another heartbreak. 
Logan will never be able to give her what she wants...Love.

Book 1 of 3
Book 2 Irreplaceable is out now.

My Review:
I was sucked into this book from the prologue. It captured my attention immediately and I couldn't put it down after that.  This book starts out with Cassandra coming home and finding that her boyfriend is home...but he's not alone. They share a house together. Her friend Hilary, tells it's probably nothing, he may have just been sick, but Cassandra knows that jeep parked in her drive-way, and the reputation of the girl who drives it. Against her better judgement, she goes into the house. When she realizes her worst fears are true, she leaves the house, never to return again. She moves into her grandparents house which was a childhood home for her. She has focused on school and left men alone. Determined to get a teaching job. An entire year goes by and she's out jogging with her friend Hilary, (I absolutely love her) almost getting run down by a moving truck, she notices that the house next door has sold. Between wondering who would want to spend that much money on the mansion just to live in Harmony, and the fact that she won't be able to use the pool anymore since their are new owners she shrugs it off. That's until she sees the Super Hot Sexy Irresistibly handsome man standing on the porch! Delicious.

Logan West, has everything going for him. He's rich, has a beautiful sister who loves him to death and an amazing little boy that looks up to his daddy. The only thing missing his Oliver's mother. Logan, is the player of all players. Not wanting to settle down, he uses sex as an escape. Never spending more than one night usually with a woman or two. So when he lays eyes on Cassandra, he knows he has to have her. But she's not like any other woman he's met. For one, she's not throwing herself at him. And she actually acts like she wants nothing do with him. He's determined to change that pretty little mind of her. Oliver, the cutest four-year-old ever, ends up playing in Cassandra's childhood tree house and the two quickly strike up a friendship. Julia, Logan's younger sister, warns Cassandra of her brother and tell's her to stay away. At least she seem's super nice and is easily lovable. Cassandra and Logan, eventually can't help but to run into each other...A lot. Cassandra is looking for a long term relationship but Logan has made it obvious he is not. These two quickly strike up a wonderful friendship, all thanks to Oliver. So what happens when both their pasts show up full force and drama and tension is brought into the mix? Well you will have to read to find out. I will tell you that it is a Cliff Hanger ending and I for one, hate Cliff hangers. But this one was so perfect. All cliff hanger endings should take note from Angela Graham, because she definitely knows how to really leave you wanting more. Watching Cassandra go from being shy and reserved to gaining so much confidence is so amazing. Hint: Pool dance for Logan! It was fun and had me smiling. 

This book was very enjoyable for me. Watching the characters grow in their own way. Seeing a friendship blossom. You even see Hilary come out of her shell. I connected with Cassandra on an emotional level. Not to mention, the sexual tension is through the Roof! You will definitely need a cold glass of water while reading this Hot Book! Angela Graham has an amazing talent. She really let's you feel what is going on and her writing is fantastic. When I was done I actually sent her a message personally thanking her for a job well done. I loved it. So definitely go check this book out! 

I give this book 5 Amazing Hot Stars! It deserves no less. Great Job Angela! 
I purchased this book for my own enjoyment and the opinions expressed her are my own.

Buy Inevitable right now...You won't regret it. Click here!
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Until next time,
Happy Reading! 

Love Me? Book 2 of the Trust Me? Trilogy by K.E. Osborn

This book is of course, for mature readers age 18+!
In the first book of the Trust Me? Trilogy, Jeni Taylor finds the love of her life, but as the second book begins, she finds herself lost without Aiden O'Connell, who's been wrongly convicted of embezzlement charges and incarcerated. She must find the strength within to help prove he's innocent while dealing with other issues. Aiden's father, Alistair, still taunts her, making life between Jeni and Aiden more difficult, and an unexpected visitor enters their lives, creating havoc and turning it upside-down. Jeni's trust issues return in a major way after an incident leaves her fragile and broken. Aiden and Jeni find themselves going through more trials and tribulations than ever before in this second installment of the Trust Me? Trilogy. In the end, Jeni will be asked the ultimate question: Do you still love me?

My Review: 
Another great book from Author K.E. Osborn.  Of course if you read the first book Trust Me? then you know what's going on. But not to post any SPOILERS I will tell you that this book starts off right where the last one ended. Aiden is so sweet and H-O-T and Gorgeous and has all the wonderful characteristics of a great Book Boyfriend in my opinion.

Anywho, with everything going on, Jeni is just...Well she needs a good High Five...To the Face! I'm serious I wanted to slap her so many times Haha! I've heard from a couple different bloggers that they wanted to do the same. I love her, I do. But she's needs a good kick in the butt. Alistair, Aiden's (Daddy Dearest) needs to be cut. I caught myself wanting to cut a bitch while reading this. He's such a Butt Hole (for lack of a better word) I believe there is a quote in the book that describes him perfectly: Sarah talking to Jeni: "What do you mean Alistair WAS being a dick? He IS a dick, a teeny, weenie, tiny, little shrivelled limp dick, like seriously pinky-finger sized!" I laughed and laughed at that part. Leave it to Sarah to know exactly the right words to describe something. She is probably one of my favorite characters. You meet Josie in this book and I don't even want to talk about her, needless to say you will probably hate her too. I was finally very happy when Alistair was stood up to by not one but Two people in the book. Some very   C-R-A-Z-Y need to be read moments in this book, along with some Hot Sexy Sex LOL and again, some very H-O-T, S-W-E-E-T, Adorably cute, Aiden!  

The book had a few slow moments but other than that it was a very good read. I really enjoyed it along with the first one. I think K.E. Osborn is a fantastic writer. This book is a MUST READ and it's amazing. I really enjoyed it. I want to give it 5 Stars but Jeni just aggravated me lol so I've given it 4 Big Beautiful Stars!  

I was given an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. 

Amazon Link to buy: Love Me? Book 2 of the Trust Me? Trilogy
                                    Trust Me? Book 1 of the Trust Me? Trilogy

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Not Enough by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Excerpt Courtesy of the Author:
Brielle Parker has her life in front of her, she just does not know how to live it. After years of not being enough for her parents, or the dreams she once had, how did one man Colby James show her she was actually more than enough?

Raised by her grandparents with her three siblings, Brielle was loved, no doubt. However, her grandparents were taken too soon, and she was left with her older sibling to try and raise her younger ones. She couldn't help but let the doubts take over her life. Would she ever be enough? Then Colby walked in and changed everything, and just when she facing her fears and falling in love for the first time, Colby ripped her heart out.

Will they be able to get past their mistakes to live the life they both want? Did Colby finally break Brielle when all he wanted to do was protect and love her? You can rebound from some mistakes, but some you just have to learn from and walk away. The love they have is true and pure, but will they finally be enough for each other? 

My Review: 
This book is beautifully written, Leigh Ann is an amazing author and I'm seriously upset I haven't found her before. She has definitely made her way to my Fave Top 5 Author's List! I've never read a book like this before. The personality she gives her characters, especially Brielle is Amazing! I am already waiting for her next book. I normally wait til the end of my blog post to rate a book, but this needs to be rated now. I give this book 10 STARS on a 5 STAR scale, and I've only done that once before with T.K. Leigh's Beautiful Mess Series, but this book is definitely deserving! I actually connected to each and everyone of the characters. Even though Brielle and Colby are the main ones, I got to experience a little bit of Addy and Tyler's relationship. You are able to feel and I mean really feel what's going on and it's like I became best friends with them all too. 

Brielle is smart, funny, beautiful and a spit ball of fire waiting to launch herself at the first person who messes with her family. All of her siblings are very close. Her and her older sister Addy, argue a lot but make up quickly. Her two younger siblings, Dustin and Cambree are going through the preteen hormones. They were left plenty of money when their grandparents passed away. Their parents even though they barely ever see them, regularly put allowances in their accounts. Brielle can't stand her parents, trying to force things on her that she never wanted. She finishes school early so she can return back home to their huge farm land and house to take care of mainly her younger brother Dustin, who has a serious peanut allergy and Brielle is his the one back and forth to the doctor's with him. Having almost died before she takes his allergy as serious as anyone should. The only things Brielle has ever asked of anyone is: Don't ask her a lot of questions that you already know she doesn't want to answer, and Do NOT under any Circumstances, bring peanuts into their house. After having a failed relationship with her parents and ex-boyfriend she feels as if she is not enough for anyone. She gave up having a relationship of her own and took taking care of the family as her main concern...Until Colby. I love how Leigh Ann Lunsford writes so that you can read everyone's POV, you know what everyone is feeling and when they are feeling it which I loved! 

Colby James, is Tyler's (Addy's Boyfriend) cousin, he locks his eyes on Brielle and can't get her out of his head. He is determined to make this girl his and his only. He ignores Tyler, telling him how much of a FIRECRACKER, Brielle can be and makes it his mission to have her, not only in the bedroom, but for the rest of their life. The conversations between the two of them, and well between Brielle and anybody will have you laughing so hard you cry. She has her own personality and I fell in love with her. They find themselves in a relationship and Brielle has only one rule. That rule will break the relationship forever in her book if he ignores it. So when Colby does break that rule will Brielle ever be able to forgive him? You will have to read to find out. Go buy the book and you can thank me later.

The Author incorporates music into this book in such a wonderful way, it's the only way Brielle can really communicate her feelings. She picks a song that describes her feelings at that very moment and will take off for a long drive to relax and clear her head. The playlist of songs is wonderful, telling what a true country girl she is. Don't get in between her relationship with Blake Shelton LOL she loves him more than I do! Go buy this book, it's amazing! I loved it. I am ready to read the next book in this series, just as soon as it comes out.

This book is truly amazing, I've never felt so many emotions at once in reading a book and Leigh Ann Lunsford is definitely going places after this book! Watch out for her, don't miss anything she writes! I can't wait to see where her imagination takes me to next! 

Go buy this book, Check out the links below:
Buy Not Enough on Amazon!!!
Buy Not Enough on B&N!!!

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Harp's Song by Cassie Shine

Excerpt courtesy of Amazon:
In just a few months Harp Evans will officially coming of age and graduating high school. She will be free from the mother that never wanted her, the house that never felt like home, and the disappointment of the last seventeen years. What she doesn't know is that her mother has been holding on to a secret that has the potential to derail her dreams and destroy her already faulty sense of self. 

A self-proclaimed recluse, Harp spends most of her time practicing the cello, in the hopes of earning a full scholarship that will grant her freedom, but will also send her away from her best friend Connor Williams, who is becoming more than just a friend. 

As revelations are made, will Harp still feel the same way about leaving everyone who cares about her behind? Or will she continue to pursue the life she's been dreaming of, for as long as she can remember?

My Review:
This is a new Author that NEED's To Be Watched!!! She is brilliant! I absolutely loved this story. It quickly grabbed my attention. Cassie Shine, is a phenomenal writer and she really cares about her characters. I give this book 5 Beautiful Stars. I loved it. Harp, is so mature for her age, but she really kind of had to be because her mom could have cared less about her. She was mentally, physically and emotionally abusive to her. You can feel the anger her mom has for her. However, Harp continues to shine, not letting anyone or anything get her down. She is so brave and I love that about her. Connor is so sweet and caring, he's the total opposite of Harp, she is quiet and barely says a word. She's all about studying and practicing. While Connor is the popular High School Star Athlete fun type. They've been best friends for years and one night his friends sister dresses Harp up so she truly looks like this grown up woman whose finally coming out of her shell and Connor can't take it any longer. They kiss and it's such a beautiful moment between them. When the secret that her mom's been holding in is finally released and her and Harp have that much needed (but dreaded) sit down, I bawled my eyes out. I cried like crazy! LOL So get your tissues ready!  I started reading this book a couple hours ago and actually just finished it. It held my attention and I just, this is one of those O.M.G-Now-That's-A-Story type books. I'm definitely One Clicking the next book in this series: Harp's Voice, reading the excerpt for it, I can't wait to find out what happens.  This is one author that is definitely going to the Top Very Soon, I can't wait to read what else she has inside that hear of hers!~

A little bit about Cassie Shine:
She released her debut young adult novel, Harp's Song in November 2013, finally finishing the short story she started in college...many, many moons ago. She has always been an avid reader and lover of music (yes, she was in the high school marching band). While she has a weak spot for all things teeny bopper especially boy bands, she also loves classical, country, rock and well, pretty much everything. After living in St. Louis for more than ten years, she and her husband packed up a U-Haul and headed west. They currently live in Orange County, California.

A Tragic Wreck (Beautiful Mess Vol. 2) by T.K. Leigh

***Recommended for Mature Readers age 18+ due to some violence, STRONG language and HOT STEAMY SEXY sexual content***

Second Book in a three book series which MUST BE read in order!!

Excerpt as always, Courtesy of Amazon:
How can you continue living when you're living a lie? How can you convince your body to stop feeling, your soul to stop caring, and your heart to stop beating?

Haunted by her past, Olivia Adler flees Boston for a beach in Florida, leaving everyone behind, trying to shut the world out. Remaining a relative recluse in her self-imposed prison, she tries to turn everything off, wanting to feel nothing. But a new acquaintance won't let that happen. After being away from Alexander for a month, his voice constantly ringing in her head, reminding her that her inability to confront her demons will will not only destroy her, but also him, can she really be expected to want to feel again when it brings nothing but pain?

Back in Boston, everywhere he turns, Alexander Burnham is reminded of Olivia...His Olivia...He tries to dull the ache left in his heart the only way he knows the bed of a beautiful woman. But Alexander isn't about to lost his Olivia. After a clue comes to light regarding Olivia's whereabouts, can he convince her to return to Boston with him? When a force that has laid dormant for months resurfaces, can Alexander still protect her from the unknown danger? And when Alexander comes face to face with a shadow of both his and Olivia's past, will he be able to tell her the secret that is threatening to tear them apart? 

A Tragic Wreck is the continuation of T.K. Leighs heart-breaking Beautiful Mess series.

My Review: 
With this book I had to choose a Team, I know that sounds weird but I did. There is Team Alex, and then there is Team Cam. Olivia has been staying in Florida and after watching Hot, Ripped Surfer Dude Cam for a few weeks, he finally get's the courage to walk up and talk to the sad sad girl he stares at daily. They quickly hit it off, friendship wise and he ask's her out that same night. She agrees. She quickly remembers that in the process of packing a couple bags, she basically left everything back at her Boston home. So she runs out before their *Friends Only* date to do some clothes shopping. She had grabbed a couple handful's of cash so that should do but she realizes the cash won't cover her high bill. She didn't plan on leaving a paper trail but screw it, she will swipe her credit card twice only and be fine. She finds herself opening up to Cam a bit about her past. She really likes him and can see him as a wonderful distraction. 

Alexander has already found his perfect distraction in the arms of his on again off again lover Chealsea. They've been seeing each other for the occasional hook up since the love of his life ran out on him. The oh, so loveable Martin, (Mr. B's Personal Assistant/Bodyguard/go to guy) has been keeping an eye out for credit card transactions by Olivia. Once he see's her swipe it in Florida he tells Alexander. The day Alexander leaves for Florida, he's torn, Chealsea admits she wants *MORE* than an occasional fling and wants a serious relationship with him. He could really see himself settling down with her, They are both set, money wise, and she comes from a high end family like he does. She tells him that she will wait for him while he runs off to see if can find Olivia and make things right. Beg her to take him back.  Get your Tissue Box ready and have a refill on stand by because from there on out it's a edge of the seat, heart gripping, Can't put down book. T.K. has done it again, which I knew she would. She's pulled me in from start to finish. Do I hate the Cliff Hanger??? YES!!! But is it oh so worth it??? YES!!! You have got to read this series. It is so GOOD! I need a new word...Phenomenal, amazing, perfect, awesome, Positively the best thing I've ever read.  Anything more would be a SPOILER so take my word for it and Read it. NOW~ 

I give this book another 5 Stars! I absolutely loved it. Can't wait for part 3 Gorgeous Chaos to come out in May! Literally, I can't wait. But I will. 

Until Next Time! Happy Reading!

Buy A Tragic Wreck on Amazon!!!
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A Beautiful Mess by T.K. Leigh

***Warning: This book is intended for mature readers age 18+ for the STRONG language, Hot Steamy Sexual Situations and some violence!*** 

Excerpt Courtesy of Amazon:
What happens when you lose everyone that promised they would always be there for you? How can you protect the few pieces of your shattered heart that remains? 
Olivia Adler is a woman with a troubled past. After losing her parents at the young age of six and being raised by an uncle who she lost years later, she refuses to get attached to anyone, including friends. For the past decade, she has been able to remain unattached to any man, too worried about losing someone to get too close. Until Alexander Burnham walks into her life one night and changes everything. But he has issues of his own. And he's keeping a secret that could turn her would upside-down. Will Olivia let Alexander in enough for him to get close and protect her from a force threatening her very existence, or will she push him away, scared of letting Alexander in, in order to protect her her heart?

A Beautiful Mess is the first installment of a three part series sure to captivate the heart with a story of secrets, courage, and love. 

My Review:
This excerpt is SPOT ON! This book kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more and more and more. I was slapped in the face by how this book captured me from beginning to end. I could NOT put it down. The only thing you need to know is this is a Cliff Hanger! (Cringe) I know, I know...I don't like cliff hangers either but this book is well worth the read. If you do anything today or tomorrow or next week (preferably today) GO BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! You will be so glad you did. And you can thank me later. 

Olivia lost her parents in a horrible car accident and was raised by her uncle who she also lost. The book picks up telling about her way of things. She is all about One Night Stands and Alcohol. Don't come between those two things and you'll be okay. Get attached and you'll likely end up with a broken heart and a girl running scared from you. Her mother left her with more money that she could ever spend in this lifetime but money means nothing to her. She doesn't go around spending it like crazy, instead she opened a fitness center with her friend Kiera and works part time teaching a few exercise classes. When she's not there you can find her at the local animal shelter volunteering her time. She has nightmares regularly about the accident and she can't really remember anything about it. That's where the alcohol and sex come numb the pain.  
Alexander Burnham, having issues of his own has spent his life wondering and searching for the childhood friend he lost 21 years ago. The little brown-eyed girl has popped up everywhere but always ends up not being his friend. He can't accept that she died in that car crash. It's just not possible. He refuses to believe it. So when he ends up saving Olivia Adler's life one night, by taking down her attacker he has to wonder. He invites her up to his office to clean up the scrapes and cuts and looks into those deep brown eyes. Could this be the girl he's been looking for all these years? He has to find out. Something about the sparks that fly when they touch, something about all the things she slowly opens up to him start making sense. Is this really his Olivia? The last names don't match. But he will go through the depths of hell to find out if this is the woman he's been looking for forever. His Olibia!

T.K. Leigh has quickly became one of my favorite Author's with this book. I absolutely fell in love with it. I didn't want it to end. I give this book 5 STARS. It was perfect. I hate the cliff hanger ending but quickly 1 Clicked the next book in the series, A Tragic Wreck and was just as quickly captured back into this beautiful story.  

Go Buy This Book NOW:
Buy A Beautiful Mess on Amazon
Buy A Beautiful Mess on B&N
T.K. Leigh's Amazon Page 
About the Author:
T.K. Leigh, otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is a producer/attorney by trade. Originally from New England, she now resides in Sunny Southern California with her husband, dog and three cats, all of which she has rescued (including the husband). She always had a knack for writing, but mostly in the legal field. It wasn't until recently that she decided to try her hand at creative writing and is now addicted to creating different characters and new and unique story lines in the Contemporary Romantic Suspense genre. When she's not planted in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found running and training for her next marathon (of which she has run over fifteen fulls and far too many halfs to recall). Unlike Olivia, the main character in her Beautiful Mess series, she has yet to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Follow her online at: 

Until Next Time,
Happy Reading!!!

Axel ( Corps Security Book, 1) by Harper Sloan

***Warning*** This book is intended for mature Readers due to the Hot Steamy Sexy Fire Starting Content!

Excerpt courtesy of Amazon:
Fate hasn't always been friends with Isabelle West. In fact, fate has been a downright bitch.
Isabelle has learned the hard way how hard life can be when fate isn't by your side. It can hand you dreams on silver platters, but it can snatch them right back and hand you nightmares. One thing Isabelle knew for sure fate was consistent with was taking away everything she ever loved.

For the last two years Isabelle has been slowly clearing the clouds of her past. Happiness is finally on the horizon. She has a thriving business, great friends, and her life back. All she has to do is jump over the last hurdle...her ex-husband. When problems start causing her to fear her new life, and memories that are better left forgotten start rushing to the surface the last thing she needs is a ghost from her past to come knocking on her door. 

Axel never thought he would look into the eyes of Isabelle West again, and he wasn't sure he wanted to now. He's carried his anger for so long he isn't sure he can just turn it off, but when he is faced with protecting her and an unexpected desire to have her again, life gets a little more complicated. 

How will Axel and Isabelle deal when all their cards are put on the table and everything they thought was true blows up in their faces?

**These books can be read as standalone but each book has that one thing we book lovers NEED... A HEA**

My Review:

Axel and Izzy had that high school sweet heart love going on until he left for the marines. Promises were made by both. Izzy would wait for him and he would return to her. I mean it's was going to be six long months without each other but their love could survive. But when Izzy's parents pass away and she is forced to move she can only leave word with the one woman that can't stand her...Axel's foster mom.  He will get the message, he will find her, they will live happily ever after. That didn't happen.  Twelve years later, she found herself married to a very abusive man, **There is Domestic Violence in this book nothing huge but it's something I need to put out there as a warning for some readers.**  Two years ago her best friends Dee and Greg Cage rescued her from her horrible husband after he beat her and left her slumped on the floor bloody and bruised. The only thing she's trying to do is move forward with her life and get the damn divorce papers signed. Her friend Greg goes to see a friend of his from his time spent in the marines and fills him in on a small amount of Izzy's issues with her ex. What she doesn't know is that Reid, Greg's friend is Axel. They end up meeting at a club and Izzy has a major freak out. From there on out she is mad at him that he never returned and Axel is pissed at her because when he did come back and finally find her, he learned she was married. This story was so good. I laughed at the rebellious things Izzy would do to piss Axel off and the funny things Axel would do in trying to protect her. I was head over heels for every single one of these characters. I loved how Harper told not only told things from Izzy's POV but also Axel's. Knowing what they were both feeling and thinking kept it alive. I couldn't put this book down. Axel and Izzy went through so much together. I haven't read Book 2, Cage yet, but I'm one clicking very soon and expect it will be just as good as this one. This was amazing. 

This is the time that I wish the Star Scale went up to 10 because I would rate it 10 stars. I will still give it 10 stars on a 5 star scale though. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Go Buy This Book if you haven't read it yet, You Have No Idea What You're Missing Out On!!!

Buy Axel on Amazon
Buy Axel on B&N

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Wrecked by Priscilla West

Warning: mature readers 18+

Excerpt courtesy of amazon:

"There would be no happy ending for us. He was to damaged. I was too broken."

Two years ago, Lorrie's mother was murdered. But that wasn't the end of it. Reeling from the tragedy, Lorrie's father spiraled into alcohol, depression and finally suicide.

The two most important people in Lorrie's life are both gone but she's still alive.

Trying to recover from the tragedy, Lorrie returns to campus, ready to pick up the pieces of her life. All Lorrie wants is to get back to 'normal'.

Then she meets Hunter. The man, the legend, "The Hammer".

Hunter is a cage fighter who takes on every fight like he's got nothing to lose. His life is a tangled mess of girls, booze, and fist fights. And while it may seem like he's got a devil-may-care attitude, he's fighting a private cage-match with a monster he can't defeat.

Lorrie knows that Hunter is exactly the type of guy she should stay away from, especially in her fragile state, but Hunter has other ideas.

As Hunter and Lorrie grow closer together, will they be able to overcome their pain and heal each other? Or will they both end up wrecked?

My review:

This book starts out slow and reminds me a lot of "Beautiful Disaster". But as you read on its completely different. Lorrie definitely made me want to slap her a couple if times throughout this book. I mean this hot sexy guy wants to be with her and she just keeps saying no. I was like WTH? But they finally hook up, Thank goodness, and from there I just couldn't put the book down. You find out that her step-dad went to prison for murdering her mom and then he contacts her. Hunter is the player of campus but has found everything could ever want in Lorrie. Priscilla West did an excellent job of making the perfect alpha male with a sensitive side, I mean come on...Kittens, anyone? Love It. They are so good together. The author gives both these characters life-long situations and you can really feel their pain and happiness and everything in between. Towards the end of the book you find out what Hunters inner demon really is and if you don't like cliff hangers than this isn't the book for you. I would say to definitely check it out anyway though because I laughed and cried and fell in love with the characters and was really connected to them. I will definitely be checking out the next book in the series to see where these characters end up. 

I give this book 4 stars and only because it starts out a little slow for me. 

Link to Buy Wrecked - Amazon
Link to Buy Wrecked - B&N

I was given an ARC of this book for my honest review, all opinions here are my own.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trust Me? by K E Osborn Review - Book One of the Trust Me? Trilogy

*****This book is intended for mature readers due to language & Sexual Content!*****

Excerpt courtesy of Amazon:
Jenifer Taylor is content with her life, dull and boring as it is. Being absent from the dating scene means she doesn’t have to deal with the major trust issues she has with men that stem from a controlling and aggressive ex-boyfriend and an absentee father. She’s happy being alone, sharing her life with her friends and family.

When Jeni starts a typical day in the big city of Mornington Vale, California, it turns from bad to worse when she’s involved in a chain collision on her way to work.
Her world changes forever that day because she meets Aiden O’Connell, the billionaire son of Alistair O’Connell, who owns Mornington Vale’s largest financial corporation. Aiden is an up-and-coming young businessman who's ready to take on the vice presidency of his father’s company. He is the good son, and it’s imperative to Alistair that Aiden succeed and follow in his footsteps. Life for Aiden involves working hard and not much else.

After the accident, however, Aiden’s world changes as well. He finds Jeni irresistible and instantly pursues her. With some coaxing, she eventually agrees to a date, and the attraction is mutual.

Jeni finds love quickly with Aiden, but trusting him is another issue. When to trust is tested in many different ways but comes to a head when Aiden is investigated for a serious crime. As her trust issues spark, she is forced to go through a journey of self-discovery.

She must decide once and for all whether she trusts the man she loves when she’s asked the ultimate question: “Do you trust me?” 

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. I love a true Romance and this definitely had me by the end of Chapter One. I caught myself laughing out loud, and let me tell you it's been a very long time since a book had me actually do that. I mean yeah, I will giggle here and there but Trust Me? made me feel like I was Jeni & Sara's best friend too. I loved this friendship between these two girls. Also, Loved the two H-O-T guys. I really like Ms. Osborn's writing style. It was amazing. The emails and text messages that went back and forth in this book made me feel like I was right back in a Fifty Shades Novel, which I absolutely LOVED!!! It's so hard to pull that off and the author did a Fantastic Job with that. This book had everything in it: The comedy, the drama, as well as the unexpected ending that leaves you wanting more! Ms. Osborn has all my attention from here on out, I give her Thumbs Up for this book. The writing is flawless and so real. You feel everything, if you're not laughing, your blushing. If you're not blushing, you're wiping tears.  Dare I say that this book is "Amazing". If you haven't read it yet, then you better get use to the word 'Amazing', I still giggle over that. 

I give this book 5 Big Beautiful Shiny Stars!!! 

I was given an ARC of this book for my Honest Review and My Own Personal Opinions!

I really hope you guy buy this book! It's amazing.  I will be doing a review of Love Me? Book Two of the Trust Me? Trilogy next, so stay tuned! :)

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Oxford Blood by Georgiana Derwent *The Cavaliers: Book One*

The Paranormal Romance Guild say - "Georgiana Derwent has managed to merge the world of Oxford University, with its rich history and very British traditions with a totally entertaining and plausible vampire story. This is going to be a favourite series."

Excerpt Courtesy of Amazon:
The Cavaliers are the most elite society at Oxford University - rich, powerful, and beautiful. No one realises that they are no ordinary students, but a group of aristocratic vampires from the English Civil War. For four hundred years they have groomed the most promising students to run the government, police, and finance in the way the vampires wish, granting them eternal life in return for absolute obedience.

When Harriet French arrives at Oxford University from her working class northern state school, she’s prepared for a culture shock, but not to become embroiled in the Cavaliers’ scheming and bloodlust. Harriet thought she'd be busy enough juggling her demanding tutor, new friends, and the murky world of student politics. But now, she must find the rebel vampire who is killing off the members, stop the Cavaliers from orchestrating a massacre of the year’s most beautiful and successful students, and defy the Society to be with the man of her dreams.

Oxford Blood is a British, adult, paranormal romance. It's a tale with vampires that aren't afraid to kill and a heroine who's not afraid of sex or her own ambition.

My Review:
This book had amazing descriptions of Oxford itself as well as of all
the characters. It really held my attention. I am a HUGE vampire lover
and knowing that she gave them a realistic spin with a side that you've 
never really seen before just made me want
to keep reading even more. When I first started reading the book
I really thought Harriet was going to be one of these goody-two-shoes
and focus on her studies more than try to have an exciting time at college.
She proved me wrong within the first few chapters. I mean her first day on
campus and she already finds herself in a lip-lock with one of the hottest
guys there, Tom Flyte! It really got interested when he notices her necklace and 
immediately backed off, ignoring her completely. I was kinda shocked.
I had to keep reading to figure out what was going on. I really wanted her
and Tom to hook up.  However, we soon met George and I was thankful 
that I read the Prologue otherwise I wouldn't have known who he was. 
I found myself wanting her to end up with George more than with Tom. He 
is the bad boy, super rich and powerful, not to mention handsome man that
she also enjoys a pretty Steamy make-out session with. 
As the book goes on you realize that these guys will go to unimaginable lengths
to keep their society filled with only the best of the best. So I have to ask myself
with the way it ended: Will she stay with Tom? The guy that she gave herself
to willingly. Or will she end up with George? The guy that you want to get to 
know so much more and the man she shares a blood bond with? 

It started out kind of slow but you soon find yourself right in the middle of an Elite

Society and in the mix of vampires rather quickly. The author really takes the time
to describe the historical beauty of Oxford to you as well as make sure you know
what each one of the characters look like. You really feel what they feel. Also,
I love that she kept it real with the students and included the partying, alcohol,
make-out sessions and yes the occasional study sessions. If you're anything like
me and love Vampires, College partying, blood, mystery and make-out sessions
then this is definitely the book for you. 

I give this book a 4 Big Beautiful Stars. 

Visit Georgiana's Site and check her out:

I was given the ARC of this book in exchange for my very honest opinion of this book! 

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Obsession Review by Jennifer Lyon - The Plus One Chronicles #3

**Note** Obsession is the final book of The Plus One Chronicles by Jennifer Lyon. Readers should start with Book 1 & 2: The Proposition and Possession.


In the explosive conclusion of The Plus One Chronicles 
Trilogy, obscenely rich, jaggedly handsome and still obsessed
with love and vengeance, Sloane Michaels must face an
impossible choice: lose the woman he loves or betray his
twin sister's memory.

Watching the man she adores destroy himself for revenge, Kat
Thayne knows she should run and never look back. But running isn't her way anymore. Kat has grown into a fierce fighter, and the man who helped her get there is the very man who needs her strength now. But as the sizzling passion and hard-won love bind Kat and Sloane even tighter together, old secrets and lies explode around them. Danger threatens. And Kat soon realizes that she's risking more than her heart to be with Sloane...she's risking her very life. 

***Obsession is an Adult Contemporary and is intended for mature readers only.***

My Review:

I absolutely and positively Fell Head Over Heel's IN LOVE with this trilogy. Being able to
watch Kat and Sloane grow as a couple and help each other throughout their journey together
is simply beautiful, amazing. spicy, hot all of the above. Watching Kat overcome her obstacles
and learn to depend on herself and protect herself, instead of depending on someone else was
amazing. She starts out as this shy, innocent timid girl. And all of the sudden I'm reading about
this fierce, independent woman. Watching Sloane put his past behind him a little more, and put
everyone he loves to the front is beautiful. This book grabbed a piece of my heart. This is a story I will never forget about. I loved getting to know more about Drake, Sloane's mentor, the only father figure he ever had. Drake stole my heart. He is the tie that binds. I believe one of the main things that appealed to me is the fact that Jennifer's writing is so genuine, so passionate. This series got better and better as it went on. Putting everything together. Nothing is left unanswered. This is definitely not a book that you can read and say "Hey, I know what's going to happen next!" Because you don't. There are surprises at every turn. This trilogy made you want to know more, I couldn't stop at one book. Reading during the day, there were a few times I had to close my Kindle and get up and do something but I found myself minutes later right back reading again. I loved that Jennifer made sure to put in the small things: Ana's Video Project of Kat and her bakery, I was truly happy that I got to be a part of that and see how beautifully it turned out. Things that were mentioned in the first or second book that left you hanging, were put in here too. She didn't leave a single thing out.  As far as Alpha-Males go, Sloane Michaels is one of my absolute favorites. I found myself laughing, crying and blushing while reading this wonderful story. All I can say is get your tissues ready for the end of the book. Simply Amazing! I'm sad to see it end but so happy it had a satisfying and brilliant conclusion. Perfect in every way. 

Favorite Quote from this book:
"I'll show you how much I want you."
"I want your mark on me. I want to see it and know you wanted me that much."
"This is us. You hurt, you come to me. I hurt, I go to you. No apologies."
"I've already won. I have you."

I give this book 3 Lemon Cupcakes and 5 Pretty Shiny Stars! Jennifer Lyon is an amazing author and has definitely made it into my top 5 authors list! 

Go buy this trilogy now if you haven't already, The links to all three are below:
The Proposition Book 1
Possession Book 2
Obsession Book 3

Also go check out Jennifer Lyon, She's amazing:
Jennifer Lyons Site!

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The Plus-One Chronicles, The Possession Review.

Synopsis courtesy of amazon: 

Savagely sexy billionaire Sloane Michaels ruthlessly controls his life and everything in it. Even his sex partners are carefully negotiated plus-one arrangements, including his latest, the fiery bakery owner, Kat Thayne. But Sloane’s control is challenged when his mentor becomes seriously ill, and his need for Kat, his need to possess her at all costs, rivals only his single-minded goal of vengeance for the murder of his sister.

After surviving an attack six years ago, Kat Thayne escaped her fears in the protective world of her beloved bakery. Then Sloane Michaels storms into her life, making her feel beautiful, strong and sexy. Yet as Kat pushes her boundaries and uncovers a dangerous secret in her past, Sloane’s controlling side emerges. Worried that Sloane will possess her mind, body and soul, Kat fights to keep her hard won independence. But just as Sloane demands her complete surrender, she discovers he has a dark side that could destroy them both.

My review:

I am so in love with these books thus far.  It was so easy for me to fall in love with the characters. Jennifer Lyon is an absolutely amazing writer.  If I could I would give these books

10 Stars. Sloane is so caring and lovable, but only a very small amount of people see that side
of him.  Kat isn't as scared and timid as she once was and she has Sloane to thank for that. 
You can really feel what the characters feel for one another. I have never fallen in love with two characters or a book for that matter, as fast as I have fallen for this book. I know I'm going to be super sad when the last book is done. I want it to continue on and on. The Plus-One Chronicles is definitely a book I'd recommend for anyone who was a Bared To You/Fifty Shades Fan. The only difference? This series is so much better.  I have also added Jennifer Lyon as one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to read what other stuff she has written when I've finished The Plus One Chronicles. If you haven't read this series yet, then go check it out. It's available on amazon for $2.99. 

One of my all time favorite parts of the book:

"I told you once, I didn't see myself falling for you. But I was wrong." She left it there. Kat wasn't trying to scare Sloane off, she just wanted him to know she cared about him. Even her stab of disappointment was sharper, but she accepted it. They had what they had, and it was enough. More than she'd ever had. She would always cherish this time with Sloane.

She wasn't saying that he wouldn't break her heart. Maybe Kat was what Sloane needed right now, but not forever. Later, he may want a woman who was less bakery-chic and more society-ready. That didn't make what they had now any less real. "Let's just focus on what we have now. Sort of a plus-one-plus relationship and not make it complicated. The corners of his mouth kicked up. "Plus-one-plus. That means I get to see that bikini you've been taunting me with for hours." The pain in his eyes receded.

You can go check Jennifer Lyon out here Meet Jen!

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